Discover the formula to create a total shift in your personal and professional life over the next 12 months!


Why This? And Why Now?

The problem with other programmes that promise to teach you to achieve success is that they tend to be about teaching you new skills or techniques and/or buying into someone else's business.

We show you how to take total control over your own results once and for all - by using what you ALREADY KNOW AND DO, whether you're employed or self-employed. 

Learning more and more new skills, becoming more of an expert in your field and adding more letters to the end of your name do not, in themselves, increase your chances of success. It's why so many brilliant people are poor and so many apparent 'dimwits' are rich.

Not only do we help you understand the scientific principles behind why you haven't achieved the life you really want so far, we help you change your mental programming, your thoughts, your feelings and your actions so that you truly can achieve anything you really want in your next chapter.

And let's be honest, our time on this planet is short. Whatever age you are now, it's gone pretty quickly hasn't it? Pretty soon you'll be another year older, then two, then five, then ten...

It might take you a number of years to be, do and have all the things you really want in life. The longer you put off starting, the higher the risk you won't do it at all...and you'll never have more than you have now.

What Does The Programme Involve?


We show you how to finally take total control over your non-productive habits. Identifying and breaking the habitual behaviours that are currently sabotaging your success - crucial if you are to achieve the things you really want in life. 


Science shows us that environment is critical in creating positive growth. You need to surround yourself with people who are already living how you want to live or who are on their own journey towards it. And that's what we're building!


Based on content from my own mentor, Bob Proctor (I'm one of Bob's Thinking Into Results Consultants), this process takes you through daily changes to both your own mental programming and the actions you are taking.


All the downloads you need to be able to immediately implement the things you learn during your challenge.


In-depth monthly trainings will teach you the science and principles employed by the 3% who are truly living rich, healthy and fulfilled lives - along with step-by-step actions you can take away and implement immediately.


Why is it that when we want to spend more time working on our own goals, our business or doing a better job for our employer we get grief from others who don't understand? Or we don't, but we feel guilty doing it anyway? The SOS challenge creates the PERFECT excuse for you to get past that. “Sorry mate, not tonight, I’m doing a 28, 90 or 365-day success challenge!”

So Why Can't You Just Get A Grip And Do It By Yourself?

Good question.  

You have been conditioned to do things in a certain way - partly through your DNA, partly through your upbringing and partly as a result of your current environment.  

This conditioning is the root cause of the results you're currently experiencing and it's this part of your subconscious mind that we call your Paradigm.  

The key difference between our programmes and just “trying to go it alone” is that we teach you to have a 'paradigm shift'. We help break down the non-productive habits that have stopped you achieving what you really want so far, take massive action and create a winning self-image that gives you the confidence you need to do the things you need to do to become the person you want to become. 

Without these crucial pieces, many people find (like I did) that no matter how many positve changes they try to make in life, how many courses they join, how many different ideas they try to implement or personal development programmes they undertake - their results just don't significantly improve.

Of course, some people achieve their dreams on their own, like some people find their six pack all by themselves. For the rest of us, we go and get a plan, a strategy, from someone who has done it before. Which takes us LEAPS and BOUNDS ahead of where we would be if we just tried to go it alone.  

This journey is no different.


Take control of your health, wealth and relationships...

The Mastermind

Science Of Success 1-Year Mastermind 

(Starts Monday 6th January 2020)

£ 1,164

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365 Days Email Support  

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5 Bonus e-Books  

Weekly Mastermind Meeting 

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Pay £ 1,164 today and receive the following bonuses:

Access To Bob Proctor's 'Paradigm Shift ' LiveStream Event in January 2020 (And An Invitation To Emma's Exclusive Private Client Facebook Group) - $147 VALUE

2 x Private 1-2-1 Goal Achievement Sessions with Emma - £394 VALUE

PLUS £500 Voucher towards 'Thinking Into Results' Mentorship programme - £500 VALUE


About Emma Hague

Science of Success

Live The Life You Really Want...

I'm Emma Hague and I'm a Proctor Gallagher Consultant, working with Bob Proctor to help people around the world create the results they REALLY want in their personal and professional lives. 

I'm a mum to 2 young girls, step-mum to 2 grown up 'boys', wife, doodle owner, director of my own limited company and my previous profession was as a Chartered Management Accountant. 

I've run my own businesses around my family for over 13 years and I know just how difficult it can be to a) work out exactly what it is you really want in life and b) work out how to get it!

I started working with Bob Proctor in 2016 and became one of his consultants in early 2018 - and my life has changed dramatically in that time.

I now help other men and women get laser focused on taking control of (and responsibility for) their own future and achieving the things they really want in life.

This Exclusive Challenge Series is designed specifically to help you get started:

Transforming your dreams...into REALITY

Your goals...into ACHIEVEMENTS  

Your Thinking...Into RESULTS

"Tell me what you want, and I'll show you how to get it"  

For more than 50 years, Bob Proctor has been making good on that extraordinary promise — empowering millions of people around the world with knowledge and tools to clarify their most compelling goals, tap their inherent greatness, and fulfill their magnificent potential.  

One of the living masters of The Law of Attraction and a contributor to The Secret, Bob’s own story of rags-to-riches success via the power of thought is an ongoing testament to the effectiveness of his teachings.  

When Bob met legendary corporate attorney and esteemed executive consultant Sandy Gallagher, he knew he had discovered the perfect partner to bring forth something truly groundbreaking in the arena of personal and professional development.  

Combining his formidable research and experience with her 25 years of expertise in the worlds of billion-dollar business transactions and elite academia, Bob and Sandy have, in Thinking into Results, created a comprehensive systematic approach to real transformation unlike any other.  

It is this system that I now deliver, supported and mentored by Bob & Sandy - and it is this system that forms the basis of this Exclusive Challenge Series.

If you know you're already ready to commit to a more intense experience, working with Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher and me, along with a dedicated group of ambitious individuals, to make measurable quantum leaps towards your goals in the next 6 months, you can find out more about the Thinking Into Results Mentorship programme HERE.  


Take control of your health, wealth and relationships...